$3000 for Eclipse Java/J2EE Software Engineer & Historic Sox Comeback – 6 runs in 9th to overcome Os

java-logo-thumb.pngIf you’re a sox fan, you’ve got an ear to ear grin this morning. What a comeback! Even more exciting, is that according to Elias sports, the Sox have only once in their history had a larger division lead (8.5 gms now!) so early in the season. Quite the comeback kids! To all the mothers out there (including mine) – Happy Mothers Days — it goes without saying how much you mean to me.

 Today’s job that I want to highlight is a Java/J2EE Eclipse Software Engineer – this position is in Cambridge and reports to an Architect that I placed. This is very powerful team of smart principals and they want to add someone with a little less experience to grow from the smarts of the team. Perhaps you are interested? Or you know someone? Click the H3 link https://www.h3.com/?dmr=BnI25ACY2gfKu-bf33aGUXrq5Ag  to split your $3,000 referral reward through your network.


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