Dice-K spins a Complete Game Gem & thoughts on Why to work with a recruiter

red soxbivium logoDice-K pitched perhaps his finest game of the season, spinning a CG giving up his only run on a solo HR. Although he exceeded 120 pitches pretty early in the season, the Japanese fanatical conditioning makes this much less of an issue than perhaps for others. We shall see. But, quite the impressive game.

 Many times, I get asked by clients and candidate — why should we work with a recruiter? “I can find jobs online” or “I can find candidates online”.  Of course, if it were that “easy” I wouldn’t really have a business, now would I? 🙂

 Clients need us to filter and get to those who can do the job required, and fit the culture of the organization. We’re not talking about 20% matches, but 80%+ matches… stars – people who know their stuff and run circles around those who are “average”. That person is almost always employed, and casually looking for the “right fit”. On the candidate side – I have inside information on many companies, and can help generate confidentially, a search tailored to your exacting requirements. Over time, I have found that over half of the candidates I place, accept jobs they didn’t even know existed, had passed over before, or dismissed out of hand! Why? Preconceived notions, wrong information or too much scrutiny on a job description which paints the picture of the ‘pefect’ candidate vs. the candidate they will hire.


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