Think like a headhunter: Phone interview preparation, Wakefield’s knuckler not up to task

bivium logoNot much good to say about last night’s game — Wake’s knuckler wasn’t dancing, and the AL’s ERA leader got hammered. The only positive? The other Co-Founder of The Bivium Group, Jamie LeBlanc got to visit the park for a special behind the scenes visit with the owners of the sox – very cool!!

In my series of Interview Tips, today’s relates to phone interviews. The most important aspect of a phone interview, is that this is screening tool  — if you are not prepared, polished and ready to discuss your background & the company — you won’t get the opportunity to meet them! So, be in a quiet place, have your resume and the job description printed out. Research the company – be enthusiastic, smile, and be energized on the phone — we read a lot into the non-verbal cues people give off — especially on the phone. If you are flat, monotone and can’t show some enthusiasm and passion on the phone – there is NO way a company will interview you. Do a quality phone interview and you will shine!


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