Smarter working as a recruiter — choose candidates & clients wisely

bivium logoThere is a saying that I love to use “Work smarter, not harder”… in a market that is as frothy as a double-shot extra foam latte, you have to understand where to invest your time as a recruiter. From a client standpoint – will I choose to work with a client where our main point of contact is in HR and has no technical understanding (Is VC++ in Windows, Struts, are those for my car?) or the manager forces us to work with this person? The HR person who calls a day after you email them asking for information that can only be disseminated via email (directions for example)! hello! are you trying to waste my valuable time?!! Maybe a voicemail with no specific information, just to ask you to call back. Wow!

As a former technical manager, I can tell you that the best person to “OWN” the recruiting process is the person making the hiring decision. Of course, use your resources in HR or recruiters to faciliate, just don’t let them lead.  Almost( there are some great internal recruiters/HR) always this leads to inefficiences in the process… and time — that is the bane of all recruiters — more time, which kills all deals. Good candidates have choices. 

On the candidate side — if you respond to a job or get referred to me, but cannot even return a call or email in a timely manner, or cannot prep for interviews professionally – I will choose to work with someone who is respectful of my time and the resources I bring to bear on your search — understand that we are exceptional at what we do, but we need a willing partner ! If you’re rather a “used car” saleman representing you to every job in Boston, I’m happy to refer to any of the bodyshops that hire college grads only to turnover in 6 months. (relationship? not likely).


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