Think like a Headhunter: Tenacity

bivium logoWhat does the word “no” mean to you? In our business, it’s usually an opportunity for a follow-up question — No, can mean many things – a) I am assuming something factually incorrect to jump to a conclusion b) No is easier than explaining why it could be “Yes” c) I’m too busy to talk to you. d) Who are you? e) I’m the wrong person to be asking this question to.

 Actionable intelligence only comes from asking the right question to the right person. “No” or “I’m all set” are the answers that clients and candidates give when they don’t know you and you’re just the 50th call of the day or 6th interview. Add value and know your worth — how? Prepare yourself to separate from the competition – if you’re not able to immediately impress knowledge, confidence and expertise, you’ll never get the job (as a candidate or recruiter). 

For candidates – the most powerful words at the conclusion of an interview session : “Do you have any specific questions or concerns for me, about how I could perform this position?” Silence, and wait for whatever comes out — you now improved your chances of scoring the job by probing and handling the inevitable issues that arise.


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