Communication is not a 4-letter word!

bivium logoThe key to any great, successful relationship is open, honest two-way communicaton. With both clients and candidates, it’s a must. On the candidate side – please be respectful and honest about your other interviews, interest-level in working with me, timing etc. My client is interviewing other candidates, and I am constantly looking to work with candidates who will be professional, but thinking long-term about our relationship. If I send you an email, please take a few seconds to reply. Return my calls! If you are not looking for a job or have found a great position elsewhere, just let me know. As someone who fully wants to work with you in 10 years and work with your referrals, the long-range view is the only acceptable viewpoint.
Clients: it’s ok if you find a fatal flaw in a candidate, the key is to break the bad news quickly and move-on. Just be sure you qualify and ask to ensure we are on the same page. I’ve had placements almost not happen because something “thought” they heard something or they were coloring their conversation with personal bias, and not truly listening to the candidate. “I have a vacation scheduled in August” does not mean that someone does not want your job. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t hire someone I represent, but will put a bad taste in my mouth if you cannot figure out how to tell me this by methods other than mental telepathy. We both learn, and grow our relationship by discussing the “why nots”.

Take a page from your greatest relationships in life, and treat communication with me as important as any of those – it’s not a 4-letter word! We’ll both be better for it.


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