Think like a headhunter: deal with the decision-maker

bivium logoHave you ever been a situation where you said “why the heck am I talking to this person?” — perhaps you were trying to negotiate a better price on the latest flat-screen TV or simply trying to get something fixed on your credit card bill. Dealing with the first person who answers the phone or salesperson rarely leads to the success you want.
As a job-seeker the very same is true – you must be dealing with the decision-maker on critical issues-  such as reviewing your resume, technical discussions or salary negotiations. If I had a dollar for every admin, HR person or assistant who told me that job was not open (when in fact the Director or VP of Engineering says otherwise), I’d be off to a Caribbean Island come January. If you a see a job on-line or in the paper that you feel you’re a good fit for, Think like a headhunter: research on-line or with your colleagues who you need to talk and get your resume to that person (VP of Software Engineering, QA Manager, IT Manager or VP of Sales)- send a brief note and follow-up with a call. Doing this, gets you right to the person who will making or breaking your candidacy, without the bias or errors prone to dealing with the “middle-men”. Whether saving $100 on your TV or getting the job you want, it’s all about dealing with a decision-maker.


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