Think like a headhunter: resumes part 2 – rewrites, redos

bivium logoYour resume is the tool that opens doors to the interview process.  Since I had a lot of questions and feedback about resumes, I thought I’d offer some additional tips on the subject.  First, if you’ve been in the industry more than 4-5 years, your resume can easily go over 2 pages (put please, not 10!) . With all the technical summary information, education and a couple internships, you’re almost there already! I’d rather you offer the technical detail I need vs. arbitrarily setting a limit on the information you will present. Second, if your job title means nothing outside your company or does not really reflect your work day to day – make sure to adjust that. Example – your title is “CTO”, but really you’re a lead engineer, writing code 70% of the time and leading a team of 4. If I see “CTO” 5 years out of school, I’d likely assume this could be the case… but MOST people will jump to a conclusion and toss the resume. Don’t give them a reason to!  Make sure you pick a format that is standardized (great recruiters will help) , remove graphics, pictures and extraneous personal information, unless directly related to the jobs (hobbies include crocheting or lily propogation is not relevant, but robot competitions could be).  Bringing this all home, a recent candidate who is about to accept an offer, had a confusing, pretty incomprehensible resume that did not allude to the level of coding skill they had. Once we re-wrote… we were sitting on a tool to open doors rather than close them. Think like a headhunter and make that tool the best it can be!


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