Share in up to $41,500 in referral rewards… Sox squeak out a win 2-1

red soxbivium logoPeople have been asking me “given your rewards, how much does a headhunter make?” — well I can tell you that we’re offering as much as a good full-time recruiter working for any reputable company would earn for recruiting, presenting & managing the “candidate” side of the equation. Why are we being so generous? Because, we want to continue to reward those who have helped in our success.  To date, I have 14 open software engineer positions (J2EE, C#, .NET, embedded, Lead, Manager, SQA) that are referral reward eligible for a total of $41,500 in bonuses available to split between you and your entire network. For a complete and up to date list of all jobs that are open and their respective rewards – the link is here – pass the word to your software engineer friends & their friends…

The Sox extended their major league best record to 41-22 and are now 20-10 at home. Sweet! With the nice weather planned for this weekend, Jamie (the other Co-Founder), I and our families expect to take in the Giants game on Friday, hoping to see Barry hit one out. 


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