Do you want fries with that? Order-taking, moron recruiter competition.

bivium logoWell, today, I know you wish I was talking about a new hot job, but instead, I thought I would share a story about another so called ‘recruiter’ and their firm. See, these are the folks you hear horror stories about. The order-takers who yes you and the company to death, those that over-promise and under-deliver. The one that clearly has no clue what they are doing, or perhaps their ‘mentor’ is sitting in on your interview, coaching the entire thing. Sure makes you feel good, right? Right?!?

One of our favorite clients (who will of course remain confidential) – but lets call them Icarus Software. Icarus utilizes (as most companies do) a short list of 3 preferred agencies. Woohoo! We are one them (no big surprise, we are awesome and all that 😉 ) but they just added this new firm to try out. So, guess what, so far in the past week, I’ve worked with 3 candidates who have had their resume sent to this client, WITHOUT EVEN TALKING TO THEM.   Not telling them the company name, website, job description, or even describing what the company is all about!

So, listen up, recruiter-competition: Ultimately, we all bear responsibility to do the right thing – nothing frustrates our clients or candidates, more, than when a resume is submitted twice. When a company or candidate has a ‘bad’ experience like this, it reflects on the entire industry.  You will look like an IDIOT, an UNPROFESSIONAL, car-salesperson, ORDER-TAKING, hack! There are no short-cuts in our business, there are no short-cuts in life. Yes, you can make a placment or get the invite or screw others out of one or two situations… but in the end, it will all catch up with you! When the next downturn in technology hits, please go back to the slimy rock you crawled out from underneath. Or, better yet, I’ll just supersize those fries, now!


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