Think like a headhunter: “Own” your interview preparation.

bivium logoSomething I am always reminding candidates about in this market is that I can do the great work of matching a wonderful company to your background. I have access to the hiring managers, and insight into the client’s culture, expectations and interview-style. I will be able to help provide you with information that will display your unique skills in the best possible light. However, before the interview, you must take “ownership” and utilize the information I provide to you, to prepare and practice both the technical and non-technical aspects of your interview. Non-verbal communications, agendas for your interviews, practice Java, J2EE or C++ questions for software engineers, how to write a thank you letter. As many current and recent candidates can tell you, getting the interview is fairly easy, but getting the job you want can be downright challenging – no matter your skills, school pedigree or what you think you can do. We, and our clients often subcribe to the mentality that if we’re on the fence about your candidacy, the easy choice is to “pass”.  A great headhunter will always help prepare you for your interviews and ensure you have the best chance of getting the job YOU want.

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  1. Good point about how, when a candidate is “luke warm”, employers and recruiters will take the easy choice, and not take a chance. They want candidates that are not only passionate about what they do, but also about the opportunity and the firm.

    Since you only have one chance to make that point, interview preparation is a major point that I note in my own articles (I write for CIO Magazine on executive job search tactics).

    Keep up the good work!

    Mark Cummuta

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