The world is flat – applied to recruiting

bivium logoWhen I wasn’t fishing last week, I was catching up on my reading stack. A book I have been overdue in reading was “The World is Flat” by  Thomas L. Friedman. For those who have not yet read it, I highly recommend it – for those of who have lived through the period of time from the late 70s to the present, it’s truly astounding to read about the technical leaps and bounds we have achieved since then. As interesting, is really the concept that basic, lower-level software engineering tasks will most assuredly become like the factory jobs of the last few decades, and be outsourced to lower-labor cost countries. With lab techs and accounting functions now being outsourced, it’s only a matter of time before overseas labor gets into recruiting. On the global-scale this is a good thing for a frictionless commerce… for those recruiting companies or individuals who do not have a niche carved out or a particularly strong set of personal relationships, the clock may already be ticking on how long before YOUR job will be outsourced. So, it’s with great pride when we are acknowledged as the exclusive recruiter for many of the clients we deal with.  Are we everyone’s “go-to” recruiter? Of course not, but, that IS our goal. As long as we all value-add and build our relationships, it won’t matter how flat the world in the 21st century is.


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