Sunrocket quietly shuts down and takes my voicemail with them

final-_2.jpgFor those who haven’t heard, the #2 VoIP provider in the US – Sunrocket (or should I say Crap-rocket) shut down after burning through their $40M in VC. Unfortunately for me, I ported my office number to them. So, like the 200,000 or so affected by this colossal mess, I’m scrambling to get new service and the number ported. So, in the meantime – email works great or my mobile… but of course that only gets limited reception.  You’d think they could have a better plan to deal with this contingency if/when their attempts to sell the company fell through — i.e a drop dead date and some sort of notice to everyone. Poor business and won’t quickly be forgotton. In fact, for the nascent VoIP industry, the last thing anyone needed was this … going to be a lot of surprised people to find out in the coming days that their service is gone… forever! and nobody bothered to even to tell them. Sheesh!


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