It’s summer, but software recruiting is in full swing! Sox lead down to 6.5 games

bivium logored soxYes, it’s the dog days of summer, and thoughts of BBQs, weddings, Tanglewood, the Cape and Red Sox are dancing through all of our heads… but, many of us are still actively setting up interviews and candidates are readily accepting jobs. The key is that both companies & candidates must have an action plan to work around the scheduling challenges and communication gaps that this time of the year presents. If you meet a candidate you like, only to have to wait 2-3 weeks to make an offer, guess what? Another company will have their “act” together and hire that person away. In terms of candidates, just because the calendar reads late July, it does not mean that you should start looking in September. NOW is the time to beat the competition and get a leg up on others. We have over a 100 software engineer roles open…. and many clients are hiring more now than 3-6 months ago. Oh yes, the Sox lead is down to a fairly miniscule 6.5 games… the Yankees are hot, and are showing their stripes. Looking at their core stats – runs scored and runs allowed and their record in 1-run games… this should come as no surprise to any member of Red Sox nation. Now, we need to hold the line and make some deadline pickups – Theo? How about it?


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