Long-term relationships – the power of one – Sox lead back to 6 gms

bivium logored soxThere is nothing better than hearing from a candidate you placed years back. I was excited to get an email from a wonderful candidate who I placed into her dream job back in 1999. She stayed there until last year, and finding that I had left my old firm, tried to find me. Too bad that I wasn’t writing this blog then, or we would have reconnected a year earlier. No matter – the most critical point is the promise I make for a long-term relationship. I will do all that I can for my clients to help them reach their goals – and the testament to that ?? Repeat business and repeat referrals! In fact over 80% of my candidates are referrals of other candidates — the power of one? It’s infinite. And, infinitely powerful.  On the Red Sox front, they continue to beat up on TB and in the process have extended their lead back to 6 games. I’m going to predict a division win this year, but I bet it won’t get clinched until the last weekend of the regular season. Only a couple weekends left in summer – but August is already my busiest since 1999 — and that includes several long weekends.


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