That giant sucking sound? People wasting my time. Sox sweep!

bivium logored soxWe all know these people – in the office, they love to gossip, chit-chat and suddenly you just lost 2 hours of your valuable day. In the recruiting world – these clients or candidates are the ones that are physically incapable of time management. Each of us has the same 168 hours in a week – so, why do some people achieve greatness, and others are merely average? Much of this comes down to time management! As a recruiter, we are paid when we succesfully make a match, that lasts past a certain time-period. In many recruiting companies, recruiters receive a base salary or draw every two weeks, to smooth out the inconsistent nature of the software recruiting business. However, this leads to people who show up, day after day to tackle their call list, their prospects list and following-up on interviews without any real precision or care about the lifecycle of their placement (REACTIVE people vs. PROACTIVE people) . Too often, companies work with these ‘poor’ recruiters and think that all are like this. Instead, our model here is one of precision, and accuracy that focuses all of us on a specific goal – FILLING THE JOB with the MOST qualified CANDIDATE in a timely manner. Not returning my calls or emails? Not providing feedback? Not reviewing resumes in a timely manner? Not communicating when an expectation YOU set will not be met? It makes all of us look like amateurs. With reputation our #1 commodity, we must never lose site of all those people who want to suck my 168 hours onto their agenda of plodding, inefficient processes. Oh yeah, Sox had a banner weekend – sweeping the other Sox and extending their leads up to 7.5 gms and scoring in double-digits each game! NICE!!


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