Management recruiting – Director of SQA, Director of Software and Software Manager

bivium logoBarely a few days since Labor Day and the phones have been ringing off the hook – for all levels of positions. After a bit of a lull in the management recruiting side, we’ve got a number of really interesting new leads – among them:

a) Director of SQA for public software firm on 128/95 in Waltham, MA area – great long-term client

b) Director of Software Engineering – red-hot startup in Lexington, MA area – venture capitalized with tier 1 VC and outstanding management team.

c) Software Manager – Cambridge, MA and also a position very similar in the Lexington, MA area – both are VC backed firms – one is 2nd round and the other is what I would consider later stage.

If any of these could be of interest to you or your network – drop me a line –

  1. Srinivas Bala said:


    I have been working as a Director Systems Test and Quality Assurance for a networking company in Westford for the past 6+ years. I was wondering if the position “Director of SQA” is still open. I would like to apply for the position if it is open.

    Srinivas Bala

  2. paul phillips said:

    Director/Systems Architect

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