Think like a Headhunter: Research your client

bivium logoToday, in my series, Think like a Headhunter, I want to talk about researching a company. The setting – you, or your great recruiter have scored you a phone (or onsite) interview with a firm that you are really interested in. Of course, you’re very busy with lots of other activities too, but the most important way to separate yourself from competing candidates is to do some quick Google-searches, and news searches to have some background on the people, company and products. It’s important to read recent press releases, understand their market position, competition etc – do you own SWOT analysis of the situation – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. It will help you decide – is there a future in this place for me? Remember – people love to talk about themselves and their firm – having this information at your fingertips can only help separate you from others while building rapport with your interviwers, and by mere conversation, have the interviewer think more of you! Conversely, I’ve had many a job lost, or job order unfilled by a recruiter, if even basic, cursory attention was not paid to Research your client.

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  1. Capt Anita said:

    I have read last three updates of yours on headhunting and as a recruiter I am getting attracted towards it. Eventhough I have never tried headhunting but I want to start it. I want to know more about the techniques to be followed for head hunting

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