Think like a headhunter: quality takes time

bivium logoOne of the best pieces of advice I can offer to both client companies and candidates is that “quality takes time”. Your next career move shouldn’t be something that comes together after a 30 min phone call and 1 hr interview — how sure can either side be of the fit? In a hot market, companies, recruiters and candidates are all looking for short-cuts, but that doesn’t mean you need to short circuit a quality process. If the fit is ‘right’, everyone will know and there will be positive momentum, but, still take the necessary time to ensure the emotions are grounded in reality – talk to a few more people, check references, just be sure — and, if another recruiter or company is putting a bunch of pressure on you NOW, you have the right to push back for the time you need to make a good decision. In fact, one-way pressure is a big red flag to me.  Remember — we don’t want to restart the recruiting process in 8 weeks all over again. A quality fit, takes just a bit extra time, so make sure it’s a good one, and be sure to partner with a great software recruiter in Boston!


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