$2,000 reward for C++ Windows Kernel Mode Software Engineers in Lexington, MA area – Happy Valentine’s Day

bivium logoWorking with Founders of a startup in Lexington, MA area – software engineers with C++ user mode/kernel mode experience. You know who you are! Some comments from the hiring manager:

“Each team is now responsible for front to back development of our product. This includes, SQLServer 2005, .NET/C#, ASP.NET, C++ user mode, and C++ Windows kernel development.

My team is lacking in C++ user mode and C++ kernel mode skill sets. Ultimately, the candidate would be interested in working with all the technologies I listed above. The immediate need would be user mode and kernel mode C++ development. ” Please send resumes to scott@biviumgroup.com – subject line “C++ Kernel Mode.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone – to me, today is not just about loving your significant other, or the person whom you may be in a relationship with, but taking a brief moment to really think about how we influence and effect others — loving those around us — including your co-workers, can be a simple thing – such as being a bit more patient or forgiving — perhaps simply offering a warm smile. Remember that Loving thoughts lead to Loving actions — and in an uncertain world, the one thing we can control, are OUR OWN thoughts and actions. [OK – cheesy sentiments over for today 😉 ].


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