C++ Windows User mode/kernel mode – Nashua, NH – vc-backed startup – Bivium placed hired manager

final-_2.jpgWe have placed the Director of Software Engineering for this new office in Nashua, NH (HQ in Lexington, MA) – if Nashua, NH is not a good commute we have several opportunites in the greater Waltham, MA area for startups looking for strong C# and/or C++ Windows User mode and kernel mode developers as well.


We are seeking 2-3 experienced Senior Software Engineers and Principal Software Engineers with Windows — C++ user mode and C++ kernel mode skill sets.  

Do you know reverse engineering or api hooking for Windows C++?

Could you describe the steps involved in compiling code from raw source to a completed .dll or .exe ?

Could you describe the advantages of exception handling?

 Have an in-depth discussion of threads and threading?

If this sounds like you and you’d like to work on one of the most complex, meaty and challenging problems you’ve ever tackled,

Please send resumes to scott@biviumgroup.com  – subject line “Nashua C++ Kernel Mode”

Visit our website to view more of Boston’s Best Software jobs:

http://www.biviumgroup.com/search.php – Jobs are updated frequently so please check back regularly.
 keywords : senior software engineer, principal software engineer, C++, hooking, API, threads, reverse engineering, compiler, systems, VC++, numega, compuware, Nashua C++ software position


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