Commitment – what does it mean?

final-_2.jpgBy one common definition – it’s an “interaction dominated by obligations. These obligations may be mutual, or self-imposed, or explicitly stated, or may not. ” In the recruiting industry, much of what I do relates back to explicit or implicit commitments – from me to a client company, to a client candidate and from you (whether company or candidate) to each of the other parties! 

So much of what we do is reflected back by our own personal set of ethos/ethics – if you are someone who is merely saying what others what to hear vs. having a core set of beliefs, that is reflected in your actions, then your commitment is also an illusion vs. reality.  It is critical for both clients and candidates to understand the commitment a talented headhunter will undertake on your behalf –

a. If you accept a job — the client tells other recruiters, and candidates the job is filled – and stops interviewing for the position — they order systems and prepare for your arrival

b. Client – if you interview a candidate on the phone or in-person, we need timely feedback – candidates have many options and we won’t stop the process until a firm offer is extended.

c. Reviewing positions with me — I review over 100 resumes a day, and talk to dozens of candidates a week – not every candidate is someone I can help – but, when I do believe I can make a difference in  your search, MY commitment to you is to work as hard as I can — weekends, late nights, and taking my “do what it takes” attitude to landing you a great position. When I choose to work on your case, the commitment from you to me – is that you will communicate to me in a regular fashion (return calls/emails), be honest in all dealings with me/my clients, prepare earnestly for strong interviews — in this market, the heat is being turned up to know your stuff – if you don’t make the commitment to a strong interview — practicing and preparing technically and interpersonally, then your commitment is merely illusory.  Make sure your character stands firm — when I say I will do something — you KNOW I will do it — when you say you’ll do something – be sure you mean it too!


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