Boston Globe article – “Tech companies an oasis”

bivium logoAs if we didn’t need more proof of the ongoing talent war — the following article nicely sums up what I said in January – although there are some heavy headwinds in the national economy, many local software clients of ours are having their best growth years ever and their demand for talented software engineers in the Massachusetts market is insatiable. In the past 4 days, I’ve been contacted by 2 new Venture Capitalized startup CTOs or VP engineering who have growing needs that cannot be met — and 2 public firms looking just as hard at hiring factors of 3-4x more than last year. 

 All that being said, day-to-day experience with software engineer recruiting in the Boston/Cambridge, MA area is confirming that expectations of clients are very high — if you do not “know your CS” and “know your stuff” you’re in trouble. We are seeing many more “Google” or “Microsoft” style interviews within the market. I know some people do not like problem solving/brain teaser and obscure knowledge questions — but, they are here to stay.


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