Think like a recruiter: Prepping your references

final-_2.jpgIt’s quite surprising when I start working with a candidate and ask about references, and the reply is “I haven’t thought about it”. Haven’t thought about it?!? If you want to “Think Like a Headhunter” and land the job you want, part of that process is ensuring your references are ready to win your case. That involves contacting your top 2-3 references to “catch-up” – ensure they know what you’ve been up to, and making sure they understand how much you appreciate their help.

Many times, a client of ours has several candidates under consideration for a position, and the quality/caliber of your references can “put you over the top” and get the job you want. If you don’t prep those references and arm them with the information needed to be successful, you’ll be the candidate we beat out in the next competitive situation! As part of my job for you, I help that process of working with your references, and ensuring we put our best references forth. The market in Boston software engineering is HOT, but competition for a “Tier 1” opportunity is fierce – partner with me, and we’ll bring your “A game”.


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