Baseball cliches and software engineer recruiting in Boston/Cambridge, MA?

red soxWell, another cold, long winter is soon ending (officially Spring, huh?!) and the sounds of baseball will soon be heard around the Fens.  Red Sox season opener is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year where the cliches of “take it one game at a time” and “rather be playing in October than in April” and the season is a “marathon not a sprint” are heard regularly — and if you’ll indulge me, all very closely tied to looking for a software engineering position in MA:

1. Take it one game at a time – each interview, phone interview or company you look at should have your full attention, but once concluded (positive or negative) – learn, grow and apply that knowledge for your next interview (or game/at bat)

2. Rather be playing in October vs. April – You’d rather bomb a few interviews with companies that don’t fit,  than suffer from poor prep on the 2nd interview with the hot startup 2 miles from home that you REALLY want.

3.  Marathon vs. sprint – both as a recruiter or job seeker — no one particular situation will make or break us — job hunting/interviewing is about winning when it counts and  finding the right fitting job — when you find it — whether the first interview or the 15th interview (kissing a few frogs is ok and expected), when you find the “right one” it WILL feel like winning the world series – take a long-term view of our relationship and the job hunt, and you’ll understand  that together, as partners, we’ll find the right situation – assuming we are doing the right things on each interview and each interaction is quality.

Nobody said finding the “right job” was easy, but focus on partnering with the best software recruiter in the Boston, MA area – , employing “best interviewing practice” and we’ll make it there together!

 Can’t wait for that first pitch. Go Red Sox in 2008!!


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