State of Boston technology/software engineering recruiting market – entering Q2, stiffer competition ahead for experienced candidates, 2008 computer science grads in the driver’s seat.

final-_2.jpgAs we enter the last day of the quarter, the news to report is mostly good – in fact Q1 2008 was the busiest placement quarter EVER for us – we remain upbeat and confident about the year ahead (notwithstanding some bumps). Two trends worth reporting — we have significant salary compression issues for Senior/Principal/Lead Software engineer candidates — and a lot of competition at those levels, means less room to grow, and a strong supply/demand curve — if you’re in this area and looking for a six-figure salary, be prepared to get grilled technically, inter-personally, and to bring your “A” game.

The best demographic to be in so far, has been recent (2005 to 2008) Computer Science graduates with firm and strong computer science fundamentals. With salaries in this year for the best (top 25%) growing at a well above-average rate, recent associate/junior cs candidates should see offers growing 5-15% from 2007 levels (for the top 10%).

 There is a lot of “noise” out there – prognosticators telling us of impending doom, lots of companies (without real money, products or leadership) with jobs that won’t last, and plenty of “used-car” recruiters contending for your time. In uncertain times such as these, more than ever, should you consider partnering with someone like me – the top software engineer recruiter in the Boston, MA technology market —

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