C++/algorithms/Computer Scientists positions in Cambridge, MA

Gearing up for high-summer season — time for boating, swimming and fishing — and yet, the market is as hot as ever – what is a fun-loving, top headhunter to do? Keep on recruiting, while fishing? Nope, just try to keep managing time!



Calling all Algorithm Developers/R&D/Computer Scientists with either a Ph.D. and MSc. – we’re looking for 5-6 candidates with exceptional C++/algorithms background for a client in Cambridge, MA area




Work on MASSIVE amounts of data and write complex, bleeding edge algorithms.



High-powered team of engineers in place

Cambridge, MA area


Prefer to hire with a Ph.D., but will look at those exceptional candidates with MSc.


salary range from 80s (recent grads) to 110k  range max (target is 100-105k), but firm offers top 1% benefits to balance: all vesting on Day 1 of your hire, nearly free healthcare, 3-4 weeks vacation, 401k match, free tuition reimbursement – and on and on!!!



Computer Scientist/R&D Software Engineer


We are looking for an expert in computation.  This person might be currently employed as a mathematician or computer scientist or software engineer or some other position involving computation.


This is a demanding position, calling for both abstract thinking and hands-on ability.


Abstract thinking: The candidate should have a solid mathematical background, and needs to be able to ‘think like a computer scientist.’ They must have significant experience developing algorithms. They must be able to figure out what problem should be solved, then solve it. The candidate must enjoy very difficult and open-ended problems.


Hands-on ability: The candidate should have experience researching large scientific data sets, and should be a highly competent engineer. We require solid experience in  C++, although the candidate need not be an expert in the language.  That is, they should  be able to write correct and readable code rapidly, but they need not be familiar with all language intricacies.  They should also be very comfortable with UNIX or Linux.  Most candidates will have experience working on a shared codebase as the required level of ability generally cannot be obtained by working on one’s own.  The candidate should have built sophisticated tools in the past.


We require flexibility and pragmatism.  The ideal candidate should be happy to take on  different types of tasks (analysis, algorithm development, software engineering) as  dictated by the needs of the group, which varies over time.  The candidate should be good at finding simple and direct

solutions, and implementing them simply and directly.  The candidate should not be wedded to a particular toolkit.  When they come to work for us, they will be in an new environment that’s new for them, and will want to use the tools that work best, regardless of their prior experience.


Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, including fluency in  English.  We spend a lot of time talking with each other and challenging each others’ ideas: the candidate should enjoy  this kind of interaction and be good at it.



Do you:

    * Have a passion for algorithm development?

    * Drive for success?

    * Creatively solve problems?

    * Thrive in a high-change environment?

    * Enjoy working together with a team?

    * Like to get into the technical details?


If so, please send your resume/CV for a confidential review – scott@biviumgroup.com









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Keywords: software engineer, senior software engineer, principal software engineer, junior software engineer, associate software engineer, R&D, computer scientist, algorithms, C++, Linux, computational scientist







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