Summer’s over, and Q4 recruiting is looking to be busy – looking for image processing & speech algorithms software engineers

The kids are back to school, the Red Sox are fighting for 1st place, and Summer’s officially over in a couple weeks. Even though summer was enjoyable — it’s time to shift attention to Fall recruiting — with time off, our 2008 summer was the busiest we’ve had since 1999! There seems be a real dichotomy in the market now — big companies are being very cautious and even laying their “average” performers off, and the smaller, entrepreneurial startups are aggressively fighting the talent war.

With the election looking in just 8 weeks, (and the baseball playoffs!) — people’s attention may be frayed — but those clients & candidate who keep their eyes on the prize, should be able to follow-through on executing.

On the recruiting front — two really interesting new positions I am recruiting for — both in the algorithms space — one in the Image Processing/PACS/DiCOM space and other in the Speech/Acoustic space — if you know anyone, or you, yourself are interested, please get in touch with Boston’s #1 software engineer recruiter – Scott Dunlop –

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  1. Harsha said:

    Please check your email for my resume.

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