HOT ETL/Database Developer role – and staying positive in a tough economy

scottbivium-logo-finalI’ve got a couple “Hot” roles for SQL server Database developers/ETL software engineers for a long-standing client in the Lexington, Mass area. The great thing? This client is profitable and has never had a layoff. If you’re interested or know someone, please get in touch for the full job details.

As for this market, it’s been a tough month, including the recent ice storm, but remaining upbeat & positive would be my #1 tip for all prospective job seekers, recruiters and clients! A student of history & economics recognizes that this painful pullback is simply part of the natural economic cycle — in the future – once the excesses of the market are absorbed, we’re going to growing again – that’s the American Way! In the present though, the key is to remain upbeat & positive – even while all heck is breaking loose around us. Nobody wants to hire or even interview a persistently negative candidate — even in a good market, those ‘angry candidates’ just don’t get very far. Remember – you are selling yourself — put whatever troubles you have behind you for those hours — and if you believe good things will happen, they just might.


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