Happy New Year! Tips for Job hunting during a recession

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday & Happy New Year. Unfortunately for me, I’m just recovering from the godfather of all stomach bugs – it was great to finally have solid food after 5 days. Sheesh!

So, what does 2009 bring on the job hunting front in Mass, and especially on the technology/software engineering space? We’re still getting a lay of the land, but I suspect much of what we’re going to be dealing with is going to be similar to Oct/Nov – moderate activity, but highly selective. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, between the storms, holidays etc, there was a real quiet out there.

Today – Scott’s hot Tip #1 for Job Hunting During a Recession

You’ve heard this before but I can’t emphasize its importance.  Your interview will get you the job.  Your resume will only get you in the door.  Paper doesn’t get hired…you do!    Do whatever it takes to become the best interviewer you can! If you get nervous and know you are a poor interviewer – hire an interviewing coach – for about $85 you will get professional advice. A small investment that can really pay off (You’d be amazed how awful some people interview!)

  1. Interesting. In all my years of interviewing I’d never heard of an interview coach.

    How can I qualify an interview coach? Do you know of any organizations that a coach should belong to? Also, where’s a good place to find one?

    • As with any coach or advisor – it comes down to style that complements your learning style (aggressive vs. passive) . The best source – a recommendation from someone who has successfully used them – ask around! The best questions would relate to: 1. How long have you been doing this? 2. References that I can check? 3. What is your preferred sort of client? 4. How many sessions do you feel is most helpful? 5. Success stories?

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