Back from vacation in St. Kitts, Tip #3 for Job hunting in a recession – Stay Refreshed & Energized

scottbivium-logo-finalJust back from a very short trip to the Carribean island of St. Kitts – a very much undiscovered island, near to St. Martin and Antigua. Wonderfully friendly people, gorgeous beaches, and a perfect relatively undeveloped coast — as sugar cane was the major economy until just recently in 2005. Check it out!

Nothing like some sun and sand to refresh you even in the midst of a terrible economy, and that leads me to my #3 tip for job searching in a recession – Stay Refreshed and Energized. Constantly hearing no, sending out resumes and getting no response, and interviewing, interviewing and more interviewing can lead to burnout and not giving your 100%. Now, I’m not suggesting getting on a plane and spending precious cash, but each of us has a ‘treat’ that can help lift our spirits and mind — it could be spending an afternoon skating with your kids, or splurging on an exotic coffee and reading a book, just to give yourself some time away from the job search. Research and studies show that we all need to take time to stay sharp – push too much and you get diminishing returns. So, when ou feel burned out, take time to find your own special treat and then get back to the hard work ahead – renewed and refreshed.


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