Why your recruiter/headhunter will likely leave the industry or get laid off.

scottbivium-logo-finalHave you tried to reach a recruiter you worked with in the past, only to get connected to someone else? Or perhaps your email came back undelivered ? With the job market ugly, recruiting companies are doing exactly what their clients are doing — laying off recruiters, and aggressively so. It’s only going to get worse for 2009. This article on CNN pretty much confirms that: http://money.cnn.com/2009/01/22/news/economy/headhunters/index.htm?postversion=2009012205

Our industry works just like any sales position – recruiters at bigger, established companies have quotas, sales volume, and call metrics (how many phone calls) to meet each day. Fail to meet those requirements and you’re dead weight and likely to be already on the chopping block,  even if you don’t know it – better get YOUR resume updated.

But wait, you’ve spent x years building your clients, candidates and relationships — when you call a company, it’s not ABC company calling, it’s Scott calling.  The current firm under which that recruiter works, does not care!  If the fixed costs of running your desk are not met (benefits, draw, employer burden, unemployment premiums, healthcare etc), then many times it’s easier to send you packing and divide up your work amongst your remaining former colleagues.

 Sound harsh? I’ve lived through this experience, and so have countless others during past recessions. It is a cycle guaranteed to repeat, until the market improves, and all these “crap” recruiters come back to the industry in 2012. Or perhaps they’ll try to recruiter nurses or bio people?

The beauty of working with myself & The Bivium Group? I’m one of the Co-Founders and I sink or swim based on my own efforts – I recruit  software engineers because I love it and because there is no better feeling than delivering real value to both sides of the equation ( candidates – prep for interviews,  insight, access to decision-makers — clients – finding the hidden gem candidates who are not actively on the market or lost in stacks of marginal resumes).


I won’t lose my job this year and disappear into the footnotes of some larger recruiting firm (ever wonder why so many ex-large firm people now own & run competing firms in Mass? I’ll tell you why – who wants to give up 50-70% of their commission for the pleasure of a computer, phone and endless meetings with your competing shark friends.)

I don’t NEED to make 50 calls today, or bring in 10 candidates for useless onsite interviews, just to fill an arbitrary quota some manager needs you to make. I don’t need to fill a job or make a placement to keep my job! — and in this market – that makes all the difference – this will be the year the desperate, below-average recruiters will be leaving our industry in droves. When that shoe drops – I‘ll be here waiting for your call!


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