More Mass Tech layoffs announced – Exa Corporation 35% gone, Skyward Mobile closing – Cisco provides down guidance for the year

scottbivium-logo-finalI’ve heard from reliable sources that Burlington, MA Computational fluid dynamic firm Exa Corporation is laying off about 35% of the company — with a large portion of their business in the automotive space, it’s not surprising. Given that, revenues are way down. Some great software engineers at Exa.

Also a big rumour that startup Skyward Mobile is closing their doors. Last press release on the website is about 10 months old – NOT a good sign.

Also saw that Cisco has announced revenues and sales guidance that are pretty awful for 2009 – but no planned layoffs — and if there are — only about 10% of the worldwide force. This ‘spike’ in the recently filed UE numbers should settle down by April I bet… of course, the unemployment rate for Mass. will likely be 7.4% by then.

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  1. Joseph said:

    EXA has slashed its workforce by 20%. 40 employees out of 200 have had job losses on 4th February, 2009

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