Recruiting/networking for a MySQL DBA/hacker rockstar – for a Cambridge, MA startup – MIT roots

scottbivium-logo-finalLong-time Bivium client – very cool shop – placed most of the team — MIT roots everywhere. Recruiting networking for a MySQL DBA/hacker:

“I would say we are looking for 2 ends of the spectrum.  Either an up and coming rockstar who has good chops already but maybe not a lot of production experience (but gets the web 2.0 space and the scale of apps) or someone who has been around in the MySQL world. Our target companies are the current web 2.0 gurus – facebook, flickr, amazon, and the likes.  Those folks will obviously be more expensive.

The range is flexible based on that – probably < 80K for the former and around 100K for the later.


1 – 3+ years MySQL DBA experience. Microsoft SQL Server experience is a bonus

Experience with Python, Perl, or other scripting language

Linux system admin experience (you know more than the typical IT admin)

You are a the best DBA you know and are told over and over again that you rock


Self-learner, hacker, open-source advocate who can work on large scale web systems (dozens of MySQL databases running in the cloud and in a managed data-center) and has dealt with terabytes of data, thousands of tables, and hundreds of millions of records

Experience in operations of the servers such as job-scheduling (using cron or equivalent), data-movement, data-conversion, and keeping the engines running

Experience with large scale database applications using partitioning/sharding/proxying/replication, index tuning, I/O tuning, and throwing the book at how to make the system scale (without creating a US government sized deficit).

Has implemented highly available systems using replication and clustering

Has Exposure or experience into capacity planning including server sizing (disk, RAM, network, etc.).”

Sound like you? Send a resume to for an intro


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