Candidates leaving voicemails – get your “elevator pitch” ready, or be ignored!

scottbivium-logo-finalAs part of the recession, the volume of candidates responding to job ads has skyrocketed – not just here in MA, but everywhere (perhaps except for the Dakotas where unemployment is running <4%). Part of that is the incredible increase in follow-up voice-mails from candidates.

I’m the first to admit and believe in aggressively ‘selling yourself’ and pursuing a job lead. However, in this market, with 100 or more candidates applying daily for some of my positions, I, just like my clients, must sometimes set specific, and high thresholds by which to judge a candidate – simply to keep up with the avalanche of candidates.

So, if you’ve sent me (or any company or recruiter) a resume – be judicious about your voice-mail leaving – do you fit 95-100% of the job requirements ? (Locality, visa conditions, perm vs. contractor etc) If not, please don’t waste your time calling and pitching your background. However, if you legitimately can offer a value proposition, and feel you’ve been overlooked (it does happen more in this market) – by all means, leave me 1 quick and strong elevator pitch voice mail. Please don’t call 10x a day and never leave a msg – the hangups and constant calls of that nature can really detract from the good work ahead.


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