Mass tech layoffs – Juniper Networks lays off Network Management group in Westford, MA

scottbivium-logo-finalI heard that Juniper Networks closed down the  network management group in Westford, MA. Unsure of how many affected, but appears the office is still open, from several other engineers have said.  With several macroeconomic signs starting to point to us bouncing along bottom and billions and trillions of worldwide stimulus setting a foundation beneath the economy — it’s my belief that the local layoff picture and job market is pretty much at bottom. That said, the last recession’s recovery was a “jobless” recovery — it’s likely unemployment will continue to rise until this time next year, before slowly coming down.

  1. Terry Feehan said:

    Do you have any information to substantiate this?

  2. ET said:

    As I look around me in the Juniper Westford office I see no evidence that we’re not here any more… :-/

    • I believe it was only the network management group, not the entire office as I was previously told. Can you verify? How many affected?

  3. ET said:

    Apparently only a few folks (less than 10 from what I heard), not exactly a “layoff”…

  4. Makbar said:

    that is what they get for using cisco product at juniper. Juniper claim to be alot faster than cisco but look at this i work at juniper A3 building this is what I see no camera affect

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