Mass Tech layoffs – Molecular, and candidates resistive to cover letters

scottbivium-logo-finalFirst, another mass tech layoff to report – has trimmed some of the Boston office – have seen a least a dozen or so resumes in the past few days – not sure how many were affected, but that’s a very sharp shop, so it’s likely they are reigning in headcount to realign with projected workflow – anyone affected, let me know the details…

On another front, I’ve ALWAYS found that a well-written and strong/targeted cover letter to a client gets a much better response rate. What I have found strange in this recession is the complete lack of skill that most people have in their ability to read a job description and formulate their succint response as to why they are a fit for the job. That simple exercise can really help you sell yourself… if you want to break through the clutter out there, this is just one of the ‘best practices’ required to land the job you want.


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