Possible Facebook IPO reminds me of Google in 2004 – inflection point of tech market turn – Boston software job market improving

scottbivium-logo-finalWith the ground being laid by Facebook for a possible IPO – http://bit.ly/facebookIPO – it’s eerily reminiscent of the market back in 2004 – IPOs were way down (in fact 2008 was the worst IPO market in an entire generation) – but along came a big-name, and after a successful IPO (in doubt leading up to that point remember, some didn’t want to pay the~ $80 price), the market psychology shifted along with a rockin IPO.

I firmly believe the tech market will be one of the leading edges of this next market recovery – and a high profile IPO like Facebook could be the fuel that ignites the nascent market forces. There are by some accounts several trillion in capital on the sidelines.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of laid-off candidates getting rehired on contract to their old employers, and wisely so! Foolish firms that think they can post a job online and have the best talent flock to them, have been sorely surprised during the entire downturn, at least here in Boston.


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