HOT NEW Job! QA/SQA for medical device (web apps & embedded) – 495, MA

scottbivium-logo-finalHave a hot new job for someone with QA/SQA experience in the medical device space (or similar regulated field) – 495N location in MA. See for more details

Looks like a great weekend to get out and enjoy the sun!



  1. Tarun said:

    Scott need some feedback on the job market right now.I have heard from some sources that IT market is picking up.I am particularly interested in Java Job market.I am astounded that an experienced person like me with well honed skill finds it so hard to get a client interview forget about getting a project.Please share your insights?? Do u foresee a change soon??

    • Overall, the market is fairly poor – there are pockets of hyper-activity but they are primarily confined to recent graduates of top computer science programs, coupled with strong soft-skills. More experienced candidates are experiencing a bad supply of good candidates, and lower demand. I doubt this will change much, until the end of the year.

      Good luck with the search – Scott

  2. Anthony said:

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