Venture Capital Index (Confidence!) rises for 2nd straight quarter

According to this CNET article – , for the 2nd straight quarter, VCs are becoming increasingly optimistic about the nascent recovery in the economy. This survey is specific to West Coast/San Fran VCs, but the polling is from June — very recent and useful data.

This reflects  not only what we are hearing, but what we are seeing in the past 3-4 weeks here in the Boston, MA software engineering job market — that firms that put the brakes on hiring in the Fall, and/or budgeting for lean operations, are starting to thaw out their recruiting budgets and make strategic hires. It’s a great sign for all of us, when the VCs show optimism, as the money, brainpower, and infrastructure that entrepreneurs bring to bear on a situation are usually the catalysts that bring us out of such an economic tsunami.

Although the national economic picture is still awful, as is the Boston job market, the software/IT industry has better weathered this storm, and is showing signs of being the first-mover to the recovery phase. With the Nasdaq leading all major indices this year (around +10%) and recent M&A activity (EMC for Data Domain), I remain confident we’re on the recovery path. That said – I’ve got nearly a dozen unfilled, and “HOT” jobs that need to be filled — the requirements are very specific, but if you’re waiting for “better days” to make a move — beat the rush and snag one of these outstanding jobs — drop Boston’s #1 Software engineer recruiter a line –

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