Throwing out the neo-classical job recovery in Massachussetts, aka we’ve got a job recovery in the software engineering field

So, with unemployment continuing the rise, but the Dow at it’s highest point in 2009, what’s a potential client to think?

Bottom-line, we all want to think/believe that “this time is different” about recent economic conditions – but that is a fallacy — yes, it’s tough in many geographical regions, yes, the job market for many cohorts is very tough — BUT – peaking unemployment is a GOOD thing, as it always signals an economy in recovery.

The actual path by which the national economy will recover is still subject to much variability — but, most important to us here in the MA software engineer/technology market – we have a shortage of qualified candidates. Not candidates who could “do the job”, but the key difference – people who are DOING THE JOB now that our clients needs.

I count at least 20 positions our clients have assigned, that have a real shortage of even remotely qualified candidates!!

Where are you? You’re scared about changing jobs during all the “Noise” out there — tune out the newspaper, and think like a contrarian – you want to be looking for a job when others are not. It still takes work, but clients who meet a highly qualified candidate are ready to hire you! NOW!

If you’d like to discuss the market, and opportunities for highly specialized and exceptional software engineer candidates (Computer Science degree and meaty experience) – drop me a line –


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