Happy New Year! 2010 MA Software Engineer/Computer Science/IT job market outlook – Positive

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope it was as wonderful and relaxing time as I was able to enjoy. As the ball dropped and the calendar moved over to 2010, the focus for millions across the country are on the job market.

Here in the Massachusetts software engineer/computer science/IT market we are seeing a very strong and sustained pickup in demand from clients and hearing & seeing much the same from our colleagues in the industry. Slowly, but surely the “slack” and shock from layoffs in the aftermath of the “great recession” have been cast-off and optimism is renewed – notwithstanding the insane travel nightmares between mother nature and the 9+ year war on terror — clients and candidates are ready, willing and able to execute on finding a great position, or adding to their staff.

At last count, I have over 50 open software engineering positions (most confidential searches and not publicly posted) scattered amongst Boston/Cambridge, 128, and 495 – across a variety of levels and vertical markets (from associate software engineers to Lead/Architect software engineers) – from stable, but fast-growing, agile public software companies to stealth startups and every conceivable size in-between.

Please get in touch to confidentially discuss how I can partner with you – scott@biviumgroup.com – Boston’s #1 software engineer recruiter!

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  1. jessica said:

    great site. Great information. helped me alot thank you very much

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