March Madness: Boston Software Engineer/Computer Science JOB market explodes!

Happy Spring to everyone! Although the Mass. and national economy continues to slowly grow new jobs, the Boston/Mass. Software Engineering/Computer Science market has been red hot in Q1. We’ve seen over 50 new job openings in March, along with evidence from candidates, clients, and our colleagues in industry that the perception of the market and it’s reality are detached.
Simply put — if you are a top-notch, super-sharp, software engineer, ready to strut your stuff — the rest of your competition has not woke up the sharp increase in demand from clients for all levels of software engineering hires. Strongest demand is clustered in three distinct areas – Web 2.0/J2EE/Ruby , LAMP/PHP/MySQL and C#/.NET 3.5/4.0 from associate/junior software engineers to the Senior/Principal level.

We’ve not yet seen a recovery in the Principal+ market – as this cohort has been effectively marginalized over the past two recessions, with real, inflation-adjusted wages falling over the past decade by ~ 30% by my calculations.

That said, as this recovery has legs, and has been building momentum since last Fall, I fully expect by Q3/Q4 that the Principal+ market (Lead Software Engineer, Architect, Manager, Director, VP Engineering) to reach a more balanced market.

Some clients have not woke-up to the severe market shift, and are recruiting like it’s Oct 2008 — and many candidates are paying way too much attention to the headlines that sell newspapers — from recent accounts, the voluntary turnover or “quit rate” is at its lowest rate in the past decade — no doubt in large part due to the fear-mongering and partisan politics of the current time.

My best advice — put on your blinders and focus on making a change for the better!

I remain, Boston’s #1 Software Engineer/Computer Science Recruiter

Scott Dunlop –


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