Happy New Year! 2011 looks to be a winner for Software Engineers in Boston, MA job market

Happy New Year — I hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful, relaxing and full of surprises (not the ones involving excessive airport delays!).

All signs over Nov/Dec and entering Jan point to a very robust job market for the Boston, MA software engineering market — evidence abounds that the macro-economic picture has vastly improved, and hiring is primarily a momentum/psychology-driven lagging indicator. Facebook could be preparing a $50Billion IPO in the 2nd half of the year, Google announced a 10% across the board salary increase + the stock market’s end of year rally, has many in a very positive mood.

As I look forward into 2011, there is a huge, unmet demand for top-notch Computer Science/Software engineers across 128,95, Boston, Cambridge and points North/South and MetroWest. From Java/J2EE to Ruby/RoR, Database internals and every level of experience from Upcoming/Recent Computer Science Grads all the way to talented VPs of Engineering.

Like so many, I am cautiously optimistic and anticipate a very, very strong 2011 for the software engineering job market.

Good luck and here’s to a great 2011 for all of us!



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