Venture Capital/VC Startups/New Ventures/Small Businesses now on a hiring binge across Boston, MA and the USA!

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupHere at Bivium I spend about 70-75% of my time working with small businesses — the under 100 person company, and most of the time under 30 people — these are, and always will be, the growth engines of the American economy. We’ve benefited in the Boston/Mass. area that the VC/tech startup world has been very active for over 18 months — even during the depths of the “Great Recession” we were very busy with select clients upgrading their talent pool — the recovery is now more uniformly distributed and it’s becoming a self-sustaining recovery. As part of my volunteer work, I stay close in touch with “Main Street” and the struggles of the non-tech economy through a variety of Chambers of Commerce — finally, late last year, I started to see tangible efforts to invest in hiring, new inventory, which in turn will reinforce the need for software/services/IT for 2011 and beyond.

All of this is reflected in this article on CNN –

and on this ADP payroll report

The “headline” about layoffs should not be too startling — even in the booming 90s, planned/reported layoffs in a smaller labour pool market typically were 200-250k a month — it’s a healthy element to a functioning macro labour market.

As much as ever, we need entrepreneurs, VC-backed startups and small businesses to continue their optimism — hiring, GDP growth and consumer expansion will always follow!


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