Frothy Job Market for software engineers/web developers noted by CNN/Money – Boston area just as crazy

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupI’ve had the pleasure of being involved in several lead stories on hiring on CNN and Money magazine, although not this particular one — I could very well have echoed and shared some of the same observations in the local Boston, MA job market for software engineers — simply put, things are dividing into the “haves” and “have nots” when it comes down to software/coding skills.

I recently had dinner with one of the original architects of the Windows 3.x kernel who has long since retired to the West Coast and had a nice long conversation with a local entrepreneur who has moved his startup to the East Coast – both, lamenting friends, colleagues and companies struggling to attract “top notch” talent — there is definitely no lack of average talent out there, but it’s the top 1-5% where the market is at it’s fiercest for competition.

With Google and many of our clients routinely paying salaries close/at six figures for a recent grad, yet a similar salary for a solid Senior/Principal software engineer — one has to ask “why” — I think this article on CNN/Money covers that ground well:

The market here in Boston, and in Silicon Valley/New York  are coming up with lots of new companies, all looking to chase a finite number of stars …. if you are a “star software engineer” looking for a top-notch firm, it can be hard to differentiate between the buzz out there — do yourself a favour, and drop me a line to sort out the real star companies from the “pretenders”. – Boston’s #1 Software Engineer recruiter/headhunter


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