Lots of openings, but why can’t some companies actually hire? Boston software engineering market can learn from this WSJ article – scott@biviumgroup.com – Boston’s #1 Software engineer recruiter

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupI get the calls pretty much every day now — some variation of:

*”where are all the good candidates”

*”we hired so many more people 16 months ago, what’s wrong with you, or us, or candidate”

*”what else can we do to attract cool ninja, hacker, superstar, blah blah blah types”

The biggest issues right now for so many companies, is that they seemingly want to fill their entire team with top 1-5%ers — and who can blame them as productivity, and harmony prevails — but, what happens when you combine a red-hot market, with some managers, or HR folks, still thinking about that “next candidate” who just might show up in another day, week or month? You get the market we’re in right now! Where the number of job openings keep climbing, but the number of hires, is actually going down.

This WSJ article pretty much sums it up:


I can definitely echo this comment:

“Nowadays, if managers speak to a really great candidate, instead of hiring him, they take it as an indication that there must be 10 even better people out there,” says Todd Safferstone, director of CLC Recruiting, a unit of the Corporate Executive Board.

My advice — if you see a really great candidate, you’d better start thinking about how to make them a great offer, otherwise someone else WILL hire them while you mull it over.

Want to talk strategy about not just hiring, but actually recruiting/attracting and retaining a star software engineer? Drop me a line – scott@biviumgroup.com – Boston’s #1 Software Engineer recruiter/headhunter.


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