Multiple offer scenarios very common in Boston, MA and increasing in the Executive ranks – – Boston’s #1 Software Engineer recruiter

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupIn the Boston, MA software engineer job market — we are seeing multiple offers becoming the “norm” — whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, depends on your perspective. Firms that make quick offers and then put tremendous pressure to accept or decline before a candidate has seen all their job interviews through to completion, IMHO are doing the candidates a disservice. (But I do understand the motivation!)

Who wants to make arguably, one of the most important decisions for the next few years, without some degree of certainty, and all the information on the table?

“Bidding-wars” and multiple offers with signing bonuses, excessive salary outliers and weird perks are starting to re-enter the market, and for me, are a signal flashing “warning” – not about the market, but just about being sure to carve out your own time necessary to make a decision and not find your self seeking work again in a few months.

This WSJ article confirms several data points –

**51% of candidates are receiving multiple offers vs.35% a year ago

**56% of recruiters have seen “sweetened” offers at the offer stage

With the recent market turmoil in Japan, it’s hard to tell if the USA-wise recovery will be pushed off, but, my expectation is that we’ll be having a few bumpy/uncomfortable weeks (globally) but the job recovery, at least in the Boston, MA software engineer job market has a lot of momentum. Hearts, prayers and thoughts to all those in Japan.


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