Promoting entrepreneurship in teens – great WSJ article – – Boston’s #1 software engineer jobs/recruiter

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupAs someone who has been a lifelong entrepreneur, I always applaud programs such as this one – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – much more info on this WSJ article –

It’s become both a necessity and “en-vogue” to start your own company in recent years — but, I truly believe than unless we start promoting, investing and identifying Young Entrepreneurs, and giving them the guidance, assistance and mentoring they need — it’s a tremendously wasted opportunity — the future of the USA brainshare is at stake!

In the Boston, MA software engineering/computer science market – we have a fabulous ecosystem to promote these sorts of opportunities – VCs, universities, and senior/experienced mentors/entrepreneurs abound.

If you’ve got a great idea, or already building the “next big thing” — I’m always happy to network and be a “connector”.

Drop me a line – – Boston’s #1 Software Engineer jobs/recruiters


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