Interview tip – Showing Enthusiasm & Interest – – Boston’s #1 software engineer recruiter/jobs!

Scott Dunlop, The Bivium GroupI pride myself on offering a comprehensive interview coaching prep system for candidates to give themselves significant and tangible advantages over their competition. My results speak for themselves – candidates repeatedly tell me that my insight and interview tips many times are the deciding factor over competing candidates.

So, a recent interview debrief that didn’t go so well (despite the prep materials) reminds me of how critical showing enthusiasm and interest during the interview process is.

In short – this candidate only “warmed up” during the tail-end of the interview — asking good questions, giving off positive energy/vibes, and generally was more “closed off” until late in the interview. Earlier in the 4 hr block of time, this candidate didn’t really ask any good “buy-in questions” – the sorts that show you’ve thought about the company and want to learn more about the products, business & market space.

Predictably, the client came back with the open-ended question/feedback “Very smart person, technically talented. However, the candidate really seemed to lack curiosity & interest in what we do.”

More specifically the feedback from the interview was “Does this candidate have any interest in what we do and working for us?”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have a chance to make sure this candidate gets a “2nd chance” as our rapport and communication lines are open to the client company.

However, you don’t always get a 2nd chance – so, remember, you are “On” from the first moment you start interviewing – show off your smarts, energy, and enthusiasm with everyone you meet – ask good questions — never, ever pass when some asks you “Do you have any questions” – the lack of questions = the death knell to your interview!

Drop me a line if you’d like me to on *your* side! – Boston’s #1 software engineer recruiter/jobs!


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